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The Art Mural Project is a collaborative partnership between the museum and local artists. Originally created as a unique fundraising initiative the Art Mural Project brings local artists up close to our local history. Encouraging creative expression, the murals not only showcase our local history, but are themselves an outdoor art exhibit celebrating our local artists. These 4X8 sheets are purchased by the museum through corporate sponsorship. We want to publicly thank each person, group and business that has contributed to the success of this project thus far. Please see our sponsors listed below. We are currently looking to expand the project by adding descriptive text or stories alongside each mural so visitors can take home a piece of our history. If you would like to become involved in this project - as an artist or sponsor - please contact the museum and we will forward you to the head of the fundraising committee. 

Sundre Museum mural project
Sundre Museum mural project


  • Melony Seely

  • Clint Jackson

  • Lainy Campbell

  • John Stone

  • Faye Raymaakers

  • Sue Welk

  • Carol Syllis

  • Bruce Temple

  • Lila Weiss

  • Pat Groom

  • Barb Bell

  • Cam Bissell

  • Helen Lyle 

  • Norine Fullen

  • Faye Raymaaker

  • Pat Groom

  • Gail Kohut


  • Duster Transport

  • Rick Martin Trucking

  • Paint by Number

  • John Stone

  • ATB Financial

  • Greg Campkin

  • Ken & Greg Sander

  • Fortis

  • Mark & Charlene Anderson

  • Jack & Marj Nichol

  • Shell Central Alberta

  • AIC Construction

  • Sundre Auto Body

  • Paint by Number

  • Jones Geomatics Ltd.

  • Dougans Service

  • Mark Crouch

  • Sundre Trappers Association

Thank you!


  • Great West Logging

  • Derbytown

  • Pictures from the Past

  • Russ Greenwood

  • Pack Train

  • Oilfield

  • Cattle Drives

  • Sundre Buildings

  • Limestone

  • Rodeo

  • Pioneer Ladies at home

  • Bar 75++

  • Ya Ha Tinda

  • Sundre Area

  • Women of Aspenland

  • Red Deer Ranger Station

  • Alberta's Indigenous People

  • Eagle

  • Airport

  • Old Lumber Mill Site

  • Trapping

  • Farming - Horse Drawn

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