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We are so proud to have the artistic talents of so many heritage performers and educators here in our museum. Anything produced while at the museum can be sold in our store. Our board has offered each artist a commission so the money you spend goes back into the museum's live heritage performances.

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We have a number of history books for sale here at the museum. In addition, we have local poetry, biographies and community based archival material. These make a great gift for anyone that has an interest in history.  

Following the lead of historic women who challenged the tradition of the day, blazing trails into a man's world on horseback in the Canadian Rockies, modern generations of women face their own challenges to travel these same trails. $60

We know that Canada was pioneered by hunters, trappers, mountain people and First Nations peoples.  Seldom are we provided with a modern-day, close-up view of the day to day lives and activities of these people, whose courage, resourcefulness and humour is captured in this book. $60

Peer through the mists of time and experience the incredible lives of trail men and women who have made their living in and around Willmore Wilderness Park.  The intimate tales of these tenacious mountain people are humorous and riveting.  The lure of spectacular alpine landscapes and a way of life will haunt one's soul long after the chronicles are read. $60

People & Peaks: Willmore Wilderness Park
People & Peaks: 1800s-1900s
People & Peaks: Panther River
People & People: Women of Willmore
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