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Facility & Exhibit Tours

Tour Rates: For a personalized, guided tour through our Pioneer Village, World of Wildlife, and/or Reception Gallery, please contact the museum. As we enter our phased-in, re-opening approach due to COVID-19, we are encouraging everyone to schedule their museum visit with us. 

World of Wildlife (WOW): Take a walk on the wild side in our World of Wildlife Exhibit which displays over 170 animal mounts from around the world. Accessed through our main main gallery, our exhibit is hidden behind custom carved wooden doors. With music in the background, a trivial game, take home educational tool, a touch and learn hide table and scrapbooks, we encourage you to call ahead so we can arrange a volunteer to guide you around and answer your questions about conservation, big game hunting, taxidermy, and the pioneer spirit of local resident Chester Mjolsness. 

Main Gallery: The gallery is located in the main reception centre and is self-guided. Wander our creatively designed sections which depict life as a pioneer in the early days of Sundre and its surrounding area. We are proud to showcase our local Metis families as they travelled to and through this community in the early 1940's. If you are interested in calling ahead we can arrange to have a 'scavenger hunt' made accessible to you, to ensure your visit is both educational and fun. Stay tuned for the Mannequins Alive! Program which will take your gallery tour to the next level.  

Pioneer Village: The pioneer village is a self-guided tour. Enter our main reception centre and pick up a village map at the front desk. Make your way out the village doors and enter our 4 acre village. Each building has its own unique history and most are accessible to the public. The buildings have been set up to reflect what they may have looked like pre-1960. 

Grounds & Gardens:  Coming soon! A self-guided tour showcasing the various native plants and vegetation. With information on how the products were used by our ancestors we invite you to view our Pioneer Village with new eyes. Enjoy our seasonal garden, enjoy some hand made goodies, and experience a hands-on experience as we endeavour to celebrate the way we were.  

Behind the Scenes: A new tour conducted by the director of the museum herself. Come behind the scenes and see what it's like to operate a museum. Witness the challenges, celebrate the beauty and embrace the inspirational stories and volunteers that have kept the museum alive for 50 years. 

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