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This is a "closed," permanent, taxidermy exhibit - which means the objects inside will remain and no others will ever be added to it. It is complete and unique. This exhibit features a large floor to ceiling landscape mural, by a local artist. It showcases over 170 mounts from around the world, including a life-sized replica elephant built by our friends at Jurassic Park. Come touch and feel at our learning table, try our skill testing, "what is this" activity and enjoy the sounds of this unique, best of its kind in North America exhibit. We thank Chester Mjolsness and his family for this donation as it has placed our museum on the international map. 

Wildlife Exhibit Panoramic

Wildlife Exhibit Panoramic

Chester Mjolsness was born in Didsbury and grew up on the family farm west of Sundre.  Chester was always a hunter but did not start trophy hunting until he retired from Spray Lakes Sawmill, which he and his brother started.  He has travelled extensively to Australia, New Zealand, China, Mongolia, Russia, Iran, Spain, USA, Canada, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Cameroon. He has hunted in every continent except South America and Antarctica. Chester wanted to share his experiences of his world wide travels as well as his collection of trophy animal with the general public.  The Sundre Museum is honored to be given this exhibit and will keep Chester’s’ legacy alive for generations to come.

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