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The Women of Aspenland Virtual Exhibit places artifacts and archival materials—the stuff of heritage collections—within a context of meaning. It is an entry point into a region in Central Alberta that is defined by its geography—both physical and human. The lives of women are at the heart of it and their activities, over a period of nearly 100 years, are viewed against the backdrop of settlement and modern history. View our digital online exhibit HERE! 

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Sundre, Alberta, is a well established community of 2500 people located on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Today, residents of Sundre, situated 120 kilometres northwest of Calgary, and 100 kilometres southeast of Red Deer, can reach either of these communities in an hour. However, for many years, Sundre was a remote community that functioned as a regional service centre to a large isolated area. By choosing to live in Sundre and its surrounding area, individuals were choosing a rural lifestyle in a spectacular natural setting. This lifestyle came with a price that, for many years, included limited access to medical services. Through the use of images and some textual material, this exhibit traces the development of medical services in Sundre, from their very limited beginnings to the present. View the photo gallery HERE!
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In March, 2019 the COVID-19 pandemic reached our community. Our museum, like so many others was shut down while we waited for the medical community to learn what was happening. It was important to document history, and this short video is one perspective from our medical community on how the Covid-19 pandemic affected our medical staff at the Myron Thompson Medical Clinic. We invite you to visit the full display at the Sundre Museum. Contact the office to confirm hours of operation. 

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